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Sarah Palin is an asshole. End of Story.

January 16, 2011

Can we please stop giving Sarah Palin ANY credit for ANYTHING?  She is a former beauty queen who quit her one real job after half of her term.  Sure, she’s a good-looking MILF who likes to shoot off a few rounds for sport.  Sure, she was thrown into the public eye by a John McCain, who never bothered to vet her to see if she had damaging personal issues in her family before they grabbed her up.  Sure, she is a best selling “author” and a reality tv show star.  But that’s IT.  She has no other credentials that would make her an expert or even remotely powerful in any way.

This asshole should not determine the National debate.

Can we please stop giving her the publicity she so obviously craves and get back to talking about the real issues?

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